Cycling through Europe

By Alexia Herrera

If you are looking for a biking trip to take, try the best biking cities in the world. Most of the most beautiful bike path are located in North and Northwest European cities. If you’re looking to try the best wines of France, take a ride from Paris to Bordeaux.

After a long bike ride the trail will lead you to the best wines in Bordeaux. There you can try wine tasting, learn about the history of their wine and purchase a bottle to go.

Bikers looking for a boozy ride may bike to Munich Germany when Oktoberfest begins in September through October. The event is a festival of German beers as seen in the video. It is the largest beer fest in the world and a once in a lifetime experience. Experience one of the best cycling routes and the a wild beer experience all in one trip.

The maps also shows a more relaxed urban biking vibe that is found in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The city is known for its biking ambiance and may even contain safer more relaxed trails for users.

All locations with a icon on the pin point have a short video or image to show the biker what they may see in those areas.