MLB Pitchers

By Alexia Herrera

I extracted data of 4 very known pitchers in Major League Baseball: Aroldis Chapman, Ben Ziegler, Jake Arrieta, and Clayton Kershaw. The players were analyzed from their first 8 years in the league.

Graph created by Alexia Herrera using The full visualization can be found on Flourish.

All of the players started out their 1st season with less time on the field than their 8th season. Which makes sense because most teams don’t want to risk putting their rookie as their main pitcher. It also prevents the rookie from being injured early on in their careers after holding a multi-year contract.

Brad Ziegler shows outstanding number of games played since his rookie year. He started off pitching at 47 games in his first season then peaked at 78 games, more than any other player.

This graph shows two drops in games played by Jake Arrieta in 2013. The Chicago Tribune mentions interviewed Arrieta on his shoulder injury where he said he was taking things slowly in order to come back in full effect. His playing stats show that taking things slowly worked in his favor because by his 6th season Arrieta was back to playing 32 games.

Each of these pitchers demonstrated tremendous growth since their first season and continue to play for the MLB. Now we may begin to ask ourselves, how will the new batch of rookies perform?