MLB 100 mph pitches

By Alexia Herrera

In the last 8 years, the amount of pitches that reach 100 mph or more has significantly increased. The data found on pitches over 100 mph began in 2008 with only 69 pitches reaching 100 mph or above. In 2010 Aroldis Chapman became a pitcher for the MLB at the Cincinnati Reds and we see the rate of fast pitches increase by almost double. In 2016 he was traded into the Chicago Cubs and became the fastest pitcher in the MLB. The MLB stat of pitches saw significant growth in the last 8 years. Since Chapman joined the cubs the in 2016, the number of pitches over 100 mph reached 1419 pitches.
Chapman pitched a 105.1 mph pitch, fastest in MLB., that year.

The chart shows a slight dip in fast pitches in 2011 then it consistently increases until the record-breaking number of past pitches in the last 8 years. Pitchers seem to be improving their fast pitches annually. With Chapman in the league, I predict the season to continue with the high volume of pitches over 100 mph.

The chart highlights the 2016 column, which surpasses all other years.