Baby Boomers vs Millennials

By: Alexia Herrera

Pew Research Center found the difference between millennials and older generations in different aspects like household income, graduation attainment, race, marital status, and population. The first thing I focused on was the large generational difference in population. The baby boomer generation consisted of over 2 million more people than the millennial generation. The huge difference will affect the way that social security benefits work and the amount of nursing home for aging people.

Although the rate of bachelor degrees increased significantly in females and has obtained in the 30 percent tile for males, the household income has only increased by about 2-thousand-dollars. I argue that the increase in household income is very small relative to the dramatic rise in the cost of living.

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The other factors in the comparative graphs can all contribute to the economic disparities between baby boomers and millennials. Marriage, education, and race all intersect. Some biggest change in the baby boomer generation and the millennials are the decreases in white people in the generation. It decreased by 16 percent. The rate of marriage also decreased from 66 percent to 37 percent. The rate of divorce, job forces, and economic disparity may affect the rate of marriage between millennials.