Google Trends

By Alexia Herrera

Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life in prison for killing the man that solicited her for sex. She was only 16 years old, a minor when she was sentenced to at least 51 years in prison. There were hashtags on twitter, #FreeCyntoiaBrown, and people passively advocating for her via social media. NBC wrote an article which argues that A-list celebrities “caught attention for mercy.” According to an analysis of Google Trends, Cyntoia Brown’s searched increased above Kim Kardashian’s search. The famous icon tweeted on November 21st, “I’ve called my attorney yesterday to see what can be done about this.” As seen on the google trend, Cyntoia Brown was searched more than Kim Kardashian immediately after tweeting that. Her efforts paid off and resulted in the freedom of Cyntoia Brown.

The Kardashian was searched significantly more until November of 2018

Since then Kim Kardashian has used her platform to end mass incarceration and support the First Step Act. Similarly to Cyntoia Brown’s case, Kim tweeted “I made it my mission to fun cases of people who are so deserving…” She gives credit again to her attorney, Brittany K Barnett, for releasing a man named Eric after serving 16 years. The Kardashian also gives credit to the First Step Act. According to an analysis of Google Trends, the search for the First Step Act has increased just hours after her initial tweet at 4 P.M. Interest on the Kardashian also rose as awareness is bought into the act, Brittany, and the mission -Buried Alive.

The First step began showing activity after the Kardashian tweeted about it.